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Samsung T5 Series, NVMe, Galaxy Buds

Portable T5, 960 EVO (MZ-V6E), Galaxy Buds Pro SM-R190NZSAXAR SM-R190NZSAXAR PF24.0W AA-SP1NW11/US

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What's in the box

Earbuds (L/R)

Charging case

Ear tips (S/M/L)
• USB cable (Plug sold separately)

Your device

Ear buds

Charging contacts


Ear tip

Touch area





Touch-sensitive sensors


Charge your device

1.  Insert the buds into the charging case.

2.  Close the charging case and connect the USB cable.
3.  The earbuds and the charging case are charged simultaneously

Charging case indicators

Green Battery fully charged or above 60%

Yellow Battery between 30% and 60%


Galaxy Wearable app

To connect your earbuds and smart-phone, install the Galaxy Wearable app.
Download the app on to a compatible smart-phone from the Galaxy Store, or



Printed in Korea


• Quick Start Guide

Charging case

Charging contacts (left)

Earbud batteryWhat's in the box indicator light Earbuds (L/R)

Charging case battery indicator light

Charger port (USB Type-C)

Wireless charging coil

Charging contacts (right)

You can also charge the earbuds and charging case simultaneously using a wireless charger.

Use only Samsung-approved charging devices and accessories. Using other accessories may void your warranty and may cause damage.

Red Charging or battery below 30%

Charging caseEar tips (S/M/L) Flashing Red Charging disabled or error • USB cable (Plug sold separately)Your device due to abnormal temperatures or battery below 10%

Playstore. Use the app to view the connection status, and various setting options.

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