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Samsung Galaxy Buds


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What’s in the box

Earbuds (L/R)

Charging case
Wingtips (S/M/L)
Ear tips (S/M/L)
USB cable
Quick Start Guide

Charger case Indicators

Red Charging or below 30% battery

Green Fully charged or above 60% battery
Yellow Between 30% and 60% battery

Flashing Red Charging disabled or error due to abnormal temperatures or low charging case battery

Charge your device

1. Insert the buds

Insert the earbuds into the charging case

3. Charging

The earbuds and the charging case are charged simultaneously

2.Connect to power

Close the charging case and connect the USB cable

You can also charge the earbuds and charging case simultaneously using a wireless charger. The charging case has a built in wireless charging coil.

Charging port


Touch sensitive sensor

Charging contacts

Ear tips

Microphone Start

device may vary.

Indicator light


Charging contacts

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Quick, Start, Guide, What’s in the box, Charger case Indicators, Red - Samsung