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Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+, Galaxy Tab S9, Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra


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Guide and Terms & Conditions

Read this document before operating the product

Read this document before operating the mobile device, accessories, or software (defined collectively and individually as the “Product”) and keep it for future reference. This document contains important Terms and Conditions. Electronic acceptance, opening the packaging, use, or retention of the Product constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Your device

Side button




VolumeS Pen
































USB/Charging/Audio portMagnetic S Pen charging strip
microSD card tray














Get started

Insert an SD card

by using the tool to open the tray, then insertingthe SD card (not included).

Charge your device

using the included USB cable and a USBType-C adapter (sold separately).

Turn the device on

by pressing and holding the Side buttonfor a few seconds.

Connect to Wi-Fi

Set up your device

Scan the code

using your old device for more information on how to switch.
or visit

Follow the prompts

to start using your new device.

Do more

Register your device

and explore the benefits of Galaxy.Scan the code or visitsamsung.com/us/support/register-product

Samsung Care+

Protect your Galaxy life.To learn more, visitsamsung.com/us/support/samsung-care-plus

Get help


Find the user manual

Approved firmware versions

This device will only operate with firmware versions that have been approved for use by the device manufacturer. If unauthorized firmware is placed on the device it might not function properly.

Safeguarding devices

We encourage customers to take appropriate measures to secure their devices and invite them to take advantage of the features available on this device

to help secure it from theft and/or other unauthorized access and use. This device has a locking function (e.g., user-defined codes or patterns) that can serve as a first line of defense against unauthorized use or access to stored information. Preloaded security applications that allow customers to track or locate misplaced devices can be found on several devices.

USB Type-C 3A cable included. For more information about charging, visit samsung.com/us/support/answer/

by opening Settings > Connections > Wi-Fiand selecting a network.
on your device.
SettingsTips and user
IP68 RatedPrinted in KoreaGH68-55301E

Use only Samsung approved charging devices and accessories. Damage caused by use of accessories which are not approved may not be covered by warranty. Do not press the screen or the front camera lens with a hard or sharp object, such as a pen or fingernail, or apply excessive pressure.

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