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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6


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My carrier

My carrier


About your device

Set up your device

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Start Guide

This guide provides you with the information you need to get started. For more information and addi- tional support, please visit T-Mobile.com/support where you can:

Register at my.t-mobile.com to check your


minutes, pay your bill, upgrade your device,


and change your rate plan.

Review your device’s User Manual and


troubleshooting FAQs.

If you are a new T-Mobile® customer and your service is not yet activated, call Customer Care at 1.800.937.8997 and a T-Mobile Activations representative will assist you.

You need the following information when activating service:

Your Service Agreement and the agent code


on your Agreement

Your name, home address, home phone


number, and billing address

Your choice of T-Mobile rate plan and services (see T-Mobile.com for the latest plan information)

SIM serial number and IMEI number (located on the box barcode label)

Service or use is your agreement to T-Mobile’s Terms and Conditions. T-Mobile requires Arbitration of Disputes unless, for new customers, you opt-out within 30-days, or for existing customers, you previously opted-out. Failure to activate service within 30-days from


Volume S Pen


Side key (Power/Bixby)

Power on: Long press

Short press: Lock screen

Long press: Bixby Voice

Double press: Launch camera

Power off: Long press with Volume down

Remove SIM/microSD tray

Use the tool to open the SIM/microSDcard tray.

Insert SIM/microSD card

Slide the SIM card and the optional microSD card (microSD card sold separately) into the tray with the gold contacts facing down.

From a home screen swipe up, and then tap Settings Services to customize, connect or turn on options to personalize your device:

Wallpaper Change the look of the Home and Lock screens.

Accounts and backup Tap Users to add additional users for the device.

Biometrics and security Set biometric security options.

P10000195 GH68-51073B
• View the latest troubleshooting solutions
in the Support Forums or ask a question of

your own.

Access account information:

1.From a home screen swipe up, and then tap T-Mobile folder > About your device T-Mobile.

2.Choose from an available category.

Note: For business and government accounts, please provide the name of the organization, the address, and the tax ID.

Your Social Security number, current driver’s license number, and date of birth for credit check purposes

purchase will also be considered acceptance. For details, see T-Mobile’s Terms and Conditions at T-Mobile.com/terms-conditions.

S Pen button

To charge the S Pen, place the S Pen on the slot with S Pen button facing up, and the tip

facing down.

SIM/micro SD

USB C/USB C Audio port

Charge your device

Before turning on your device, charge it.

Use only Samsung approved charging devices and batteries. Samsung accessories are designed for your device to maximize battery life. Using other accessories may void your warranty and may cause damage.

Connections Connect to Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth device and other connection options.

Lock screen Select a screen lock type and set security options.

Display Customize the Home screen and display brightness.

Sounds and vibration Set device volume and sounds.

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